Slidefair incorporates social areas like seats, tables and meeting rooms to encourage and facilitate participant interaction and networking in a professional or social setting.



Organisers have a great degree of freedom when it comes to customising their event. From the placement and number of exhibition halls, down to meeting rooms, presentation rooms and exhibitor stands. Event branding and sponsor visibility are made easy with custom signs, banners and colours.


Avatar Based

Create a virtual representation of yourself that can walk and run, chat, have one-on-one or group conversations, visit exhibition booths and attend presentations.


Booth Creator

Exhibitors can easily develop and customise their own virtual exhibition booths to create attractive advertisements for their company using our Booth Creator.



Our virtual presentation halls empower your speakers and keep their audiences engaged. Featuring live interaction, visible audience presence and a sleek design. Our modular platform also allows you to choose the number and size of halls for your event.



Trade shows often generate exciting leads. Slidefair makes tracking those leads easier, and more interactive, by collating the data for you.


Media integration

The Slidefair platform allows you to showcase all your event and sponsor media in a user friendly and interactive way, from E-posters, schedules and presentation videos on demand to sponsor videos, websites and info PDFs.

“Everybody was happy. We got fanmail afterwards saying this was the next best thing they saw, after physical events. Slidefair is as far as you can go, virtually seen. And we were proud about that.”

Ruediger Hagedorn

Director, end-to-end value chain

The Consumer Goods Forum