Frequently asked Questions

Are you experiencing problems with video chat or do you have questions about video chat on the platform?

Video chat

Frequently asked Questions

  1. Do we use teams?
    • No, Slidefair has an integrated system.

  1. Do voice chat areas also have video?
    • No, it is audio only. Unless you are in a meeting room, which has voice chat, video chat and screen sharing functionality.

  1. How many people can join a video chat?
    • Six, but for special rooms it can be up to sixteen.

  1. Why is my camera not working?
    • If you have Teams or Zoom open, please close them and try again, some windows versions do not allow for multiple camera outputs.
    • Did you allow access to your camera when you logged onto the platform?
    • If you are using an external web camera, is the device properly connected?
      1. Check the USB Port. Unplug the camera and try plugging something else into the port to check the port is working.
      2. Try plugging the camera into a different device to ensure it is working. If you are experiencing problems with it on more than one PC, the issue may be with the webcam.
      3. If you have both built-in and external cameras, ensure the correct one is enabled or set as the default recording device.
      4. Check anti-virus settings. Some anti-virus software can interfere with webcams.
      5. Check webcam drivers are up to date.
    • If you are still having trouble, please click on the “Help” button in the top menu on the right to be put in contact with a technician. You will be able to use voice or video chat, as well as text to communicate.

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