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Frequently asked Questions

  1. Can I access the platform via mobile devices?
    • We do not support mobile devices (such as smartphones or tablets). You will need a laptop or PC to access the platform.

  1. What Browsers can I use for Slidefair?
    Please use an up-to-date version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Although Safari is not supported, the platform will also work on Mac computers.

  1. What does my PC need to run Slidefair?
    • Make sure your computer has a camera, a microphone, and a steady LAN or WIFI connection.
    • Also ensure you are not behind a company firewall that blocks incoming connections.
    • Close down any ‘heavy’ applications for tabs you are not using, then make sure to log out of the platform at the end of the day or event.
    • For participating in live zoom sessions, access Zoom via your browser or install the latest Zoom Client for meetings.

  1. Plenary, Special Sessions and Tech Talks via ZOOM.
    • Plenary, Special Sessions and Tech Talks are accessed via Zoom. You can run Zoom in the web browser. However, we advise that attendees run the installed version of Zoom for the best experience. When you click on a Zoom link in Slidefair by default, Zoom will ask you to open the app

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