Frequently asked Questions

Do you have questions about the networking areas within the virtual world?


Frequently asked Questions

  1. Where can I use voice chat?
    • Voice chat is available in social areas demarcated by white dotted lines, such as benches, tables, and other furniture usually found in networking areas.

      Some of these have a set amount of slots for people to join but can be “locked” before they are full, to stop uninvited people from joining the conversation.
    • Exhibition Booths are also voice chat areas, stepping into one adds you to the booth’s voice chat, so you can join in the conversation with company representatives.
    • Each Exhibition booth also has a meeting room, with voice & video chat, screen sharing features and a lock to keep meetings private.

  1. What are the tables for?
    • Meeting tables, benches and other furniture surrounded by a white dotted line act as voice chat rooms.
    • Your avatar will take a seat if there is a space available when you walk into the area inside the white line.

      Different tables and benches can only fit a certain number of people each, for example, an with four chairs can seat only four people

  1. How do I send a direct message to someone?
    • Use the search filter in the “Attendees & Companies” tab on the right to find the person you are looking for.

      The search results should have either one or two buttons to the right of their name and job title. If they are offline, you will not be able to message them, and only the button to collect their business card will appear.

      If they are online, there will be one button to collect their business card, and another to send a message.

  1. People are not responding to my messages
    • It is possible they have not read the message due to being in a session.
    • If this happened with multiple participants, please click on the “Help” button in the top menu on the right to be put in contact with a technician.

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