Frequently asked Questions

How do I navigate about the Slidefair virtual world?


Frequently asked Questions

  1. Where do I land on the platform?
    • You arrive in the open area outside the conference hall. Here you can get acquainted with the movement and controls, before going through the doors to the entrance hall.

  1. How do I walk around the virtual platform?
    • You control your avatar by using your arrow keys or WASD keys to walk and turn:
      1. Use the Up arrow or “W” key to walk forward.
      2. Use the Down arrow or “S” key to walk backwards.
      3. Use the Left arrow or “W” key to turn left.
      4. Use the Right arrow or “D” key to turn right.
      5. The x in the top right of the navigation info pop up removes it from your screen.
    • By default, your avatar will walk.
      To run instead, hold down the Shift key while moving.
    • To pan your view without turning your avatar, hold down your left mouse button and drag in the direction you would like to look.

  1. How do I find my way around, is there a map?
    • The Floor Plan can be accessed from the top left of your screen by clicking the button of the same name. Here you will see the layout of the venue, with a key on the right.
    • Hovering your mouse over any of the items in the key will cause the corresponding marker on the floor plan to light up.
  1. Can I quickly move to a different part of the venue?
    • Click on the floor plan on the top menu. Click on “go here” at the centre of the hexagon of the hall you want to travel to.
    • Some events will not have the “go here” button, as the event organisers prefer for attendees to explore the virtual world themselves.

  1. Where do I find the Media Library or access Video on Demand?
    • Either click the “on-demand” button on the top left of the screen or find a Video on Demand station in the virtual world.
    • Video on demand is not available at all events, this depends on the event organisers.

  1. My avatar is not moving, what do I do?
    • You may have the chat, search bar or another window selected. Try left-clicking avatar to select the virtual world.

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