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How to join a session

Frequently asked Questions

  1. I can’t see the live sessions
    • It is not possible to join a session before it has started
    • If it has started and you cannot access it: please ask at the Help Desk

  1. I click on the screen, but the video does not open. 
    • The pop-up-blocker in your web browser may be preventing it from opening, please disable it.

  1. I don’t know how to join a session?
    • Click the “Programme” tab in the top menu and you’ll be able to join from there or “go to” the conference Hall with your avatar.

  1. How can I see the programme?
    • You can find the agenda or programme by clicking “Programme” from the left side of the menu along the top of the screen.
The programme button in the top menu opens up the agenda for that event, where you can see all the scheduled sessions

  1. I missed a session – how can I access the Video on Demand (VoD)?
    • Either walk to one of the VoD stations usually located in the Entrance or Exhibit Halls, or open the “Programme” tab in the top menu and click the link to view the video under the session information.
    • Please note it may take some time after the session before the VoD is available.
    • Please note that VoD is not available for every event, as it is dependent on the wishes of the organisers.

  1. I am a speaker and I don’t know where my session is.
    • The organisers should have issued you with a link to the session you are speaking in. Please try to log in on the link at least 15mins (or the agreed-upon time from the event organisers) before the start of your session.
    • If you are still having trouble, please ask at the Help Desk

  1. Are translations available?
    • Text translation features are available, but only implemented at the request of the organisers for their event, and only for the languages, they have specified.

  1. The agenda won’t let me into the meeting.
    • Try double-clicking the button to join the meeting.
    • If the button is greyed out, then you can no longer join the session. Please wait until the next one starts to join.
    • It is not possible to join sessions before they start.

  1. I walked into the conference hall, but the video does not open.
    • Please check if the pop-up blocker in your web browser is disabled.

  1. I am still having trouble after following the steps above
    • Please click on the “Help” button in the top menu on the right to be put in contact with a technician.

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