Frequently asked Questions

Some general frequently asked questions about the Slidefair platform

General Questions

Frequently asked Questions

General questions and solutions to common issues

  1. How do I lower the background sound on the platform?
    • Click on your name at the top right-hand side, the first item that appears in the drop-down list is “background volume” with a slider to change the volume.

  1. I am having browser issues or cannot see other people on the platform
    • Check that your PC set up meets the system requirements.
    • If you meet all the system requirements and are still having trouble, please ask the Help Desk
  1. I have audio issues.

  1. I have problems viewing the sessions.

  1. I have issues with the translation.
    1. Text translation features can be made available, but is only at the request of the organisers of the event, and only for the languages they have specified. Please confirm whether translation is enabled for your event and language.
    • If you are still having trouble, please ask the Help Desk

  1. I cannot access the portal.

  1. Someone’s avatar is standing in front of me, and has not moved in a long time.
    • They may be inactive, away from their keyboard or in a session. If a person has been inactive for a while, an animation with Z’s will play above their avatar’s head to indicate they are away

  1. I have a black screen or my Avatar is invisible.
    • Do you have a VPN on your computer? If so please switch this off. If you can’t, please contact your company’s IT department.
    • Please ensure you are using the latest version of your browser.
    • Check that your PC set up meets the system requirements.
    • If you meet all the system requirements and are still having trouble, please ask the Help Desk

  1. My goodie bag/Delegate bag has disappeared.
    • This is a screen scaling issue, your screen needs to both be in full-screen mode and at least 1080 pixels wide. Do not worry, after the event you will receive an email with the full contents of your goodie bag.

  1. Video meetings are not working.
    • If you have a VPN on your computer, please switch this off.
    • Or you can’t, please contact your company’s IT department.
    • If that does not work, and you cannot find a solution in the video chat FAQ page, please ask the Help Desk

  1. We can not see each other but we can hear one another in a booth
    • Our platform world exists over multiple servers, it is possible you are not connected to the same server and as a result, will not be able to see one another at this time. If you are in a voice chat and look in the top left corner you will be able to see a list of everyone in the voice chat.
    • If you both enter a meeting room, you will be able to video chat with each other.

  1. My PC is overheating.
    • Check that your system meets the minimum requirements
    • Check that there are no background processes running that are taking up your processing power. Right-click on the taskbar where the windows key is located and navigate to the task manager. Once launched, check the more details tab to check if you have programs using up too many resources. Close all unnecessary programs.
    • Alternatively, please contact your company’s IT department, or ask the Help Desk

  1. Can I download my chats?
    • No, you can copy and paste them into your notepad on your PC, but due to GDPR regulations in the EU we can not send you a copy of your chats.

  1. The Messaging Service is slow
    • The server could be under a high load, if this persists please contact your IT department, or ask the Help Desk

  1. I am having performance issues on the platform and my character can’t move.
    • Windows or some device drivers may require an update.
    • Check your computer meets the minimum requirements to run the platform. If it is close to the minimum, please close all unnecessary processes and try again.

  1.  How much does it cost?
    • Cost varies with which package and add-ons you choose. You can go to our pricing page for an estimated cost.

  1. Does Slidefair work in my country?
    • As Slifedair is a virtual platform, it is accessible globally. However, depending on where the server hosting your event is located, you may experience delays, depending on how internet traffic in your country is regulated, and the geographical distance between you and the event server.
    • If organisers can provide Slidefair with the general geographical location and number of users at these locations, it is easier to plan, prepare and ensure sufficient server space for the attendee’s locations.

  1. Can I log in to the platform from 2 devices at the same time?
    • No, you can only log in from one device at a time using your credentials.
    • Please do not share your login details with others, this can cause conflict issues for you that are not always easily resolved. This can lead to you missing sessions and networking opportunities.

  1. I have tried the other steps suggested in the FAQs and still have a problem.
    • Please click on the “Help” button in the top menu on the right to be put in contact with a technician.

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