Download Large and Small Booth Specifications to aid you in your own Exhibition Booth Customisation

Exhibition Booth Size Options


If you are an organiser or exhibitor, you will be able to use the World or Booth Creator for customization. To do so, you and your designer will need to know all the dimensional details of your booth.

Exhibition booths are available in different sizes and layouts, so please be sure to check with your event organiser that you have the details for the correct booth.

The booth specifications for small and large booths, as well as an example booth, are available here:

Large and Small Booth Specifications

If you would prefer to only download the booth specifications for a specific booth design, please download it from here:

Booth 1 Specifications

Booth 2 Specifications

Booth 3 Specifications

Booth 4 Specifications

Booth 5 Specifications

Booth 6 Specifications

Booth 7 Specifications

Booth 8 Specifications

Booth 9 Specifications

Booth 10 Specifications

Example Booth


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