A guide for the Slidefair platform – from an attendees perspective

A Step-by-Step guide for the Slidefair platform


Logging In:

The link in your invitation email will take you to the log in page, like the one below, for our virtual platform.

Enter your email address and the password provided in your invitation.

Forgotten Password:

If you have forgotten, or can’t find your password, click the “Forgot Password” link next to the “Log In” button, then follow these steps for resetting your password.

The log in screen for our virtual platform with the "Forgot password" button highlighted

Audio, Microphone & Camera Check:

Testing your Audio

Test your audio by pressing the “play” button and listening for the sound clip.

Checking your Microphone

Before being able to test your microphone, Slidefair will ask to access to it.

After allowing access, test your microphone by speaking into it and checking if the empty bar under “mic check” fills with blue.

If you are having trouble getting your microphone to work, please refer to the Audio section of the FAQs.
When you are satisfied that it is working, click the “continue” button.

Checking your Camera

The final piece of equipment to test before entering the virtual platform is the webcam. First you will have to give Slidefair permission to access it, in the same way as the microphone.

Ensure that your webcam is plugged in, and aligned to your liking.

If you are having trouble getting your camera to work, please refer to the video chat section of the FAQ’s.
When you are satisfied, click continue.

Adding your information

Next, you will be presented with a page for providing personal and business
information, including; a profile picture, your name, company and job title,
as well as a short biography and a link to your LinkedIn profile.

We do not save or share personal information, however what you choose to share about yourself on this page and with others in the virtual platform is at your discretion.

To select a profile picture, click on “choose file”, which will let you upload an image from your device.

After filling in your details and pressing continue, you will have the option to view a short instructional video.

This is usually specific to the event, but can also be a short platform
demonstration. We highly encourage you to watch the video if you
are new to the platform.

Clicking “continue” will bring up a loading screen as Slidefair prepares the virtual world.

Creating your avatar

The avatar editor lets you decide how you want to be seen in the virtual world. On the left of the screen are some colour options, with the “top” and “bottom” sections referring to clothing

The four sets of arrows on either side of the Avatar are to change, hairstyle, shirt/top/dress, pants/skirt and shoes.

For a different angle, you can turn your avatar by holding down your right mouse button and dragging to the side.

Walking, Running & Looking

Once you have loaded into the virtual world, you can move your Avatar using either the arrows or WASD on the keyboard.

The Up arrow ↑ or “W” key will move your avatar forward.
The Down arrow ↓ or “S” key will move your avatar backward.
The Left arrow ← or “A” key will turn your avatar to the left.
The Right arrow → or “D” key will turn your avatar to the right.

Click the x in the top right of the navigation info pop up to remove it from your screen.

It is also possible to control your avatar with a controller, if you have one with a compatible connection to your computer. (this is how we control our fly-camera video shots from inside the platform).

By default, your avatar will walk, but if you are in a hurry, hold down Shift while moving forward to change from a walk to a run.

If you would like to stop and take in the scenery, you can pan your view by holding down the left mouse button and dragging in the direction you want to look.

Your view will reset when you move or turn your avatar.

How to sit at a table

Benches and tables in Slidefair are private voice chat rooms in disguise.

To sit down and start a conversation, just walk up to one, as soon as you cross the white dotted line your avatar will take an empty seat.

The “Chat” tab on the right will switch to the conversation at the table and some new buttons will appear in the bottom middle of your world screen.

Hovering your mouse over each button will give you more information, from left to right they are:

  1. Mute/Unmute Microphone & change microphone input device.
  2. Share your screen with others at the table.
  3. Lock the table so that no more people can join the conversation.
  4. Leave the table.

How to exchange business cards

First, find the person whose business card you want in the “Attendees and Companies” tab on the right, either by scrolling through or using the search bar at the top.

Once you have found them, click the icon to the right of their name to add their business card to your Goodie Bag

How to send someone a message

First, find the person you want to message in the “Attendees and Companies” tab on the right, either by scrolling through or using the search bar at the top.

the top right corner of the screen when in our virtual world, with the search bar highlighted and text for clarification

To the left of their information will be either one or two buttons.
If the person is offline, there will only be a button to save their business card.
If they are online, click the top button to begin a direct messaging conversation.

the top right corner of the screen when in our virtual world, with the area where the direct message and business card buttons appear highlighted

How to use the floor plan

Along the top of your screen, the second button from the left is to open the Floor Plan. This is a map of the venue, with a key on the right, sorted by Hall.

The key will indicate where exhibitors are located within the platform venue.

Hovering your mouse over an item in the key on the right will highlight it on the floor plan, and clicking on one of the “go here” buttons will move your avatar to that Hall.

How to edit your avatar and information

If at any time during the event you wish to change your details, or edit your Avatar, click your name on the top right of the screen to open the profile menu.

Click “Edit Profile” to change your personal & business information.
Click “Edit Avatar” to return to the Avatar creation screen.

How to turn down the background sounds

Click your name on the top right of the screen to open the profile menu.

At the top of the dropdown menu is a “background volume” setting with a blue slider.

How to join the live presentations

To quickly access presentations, click the “Programme” button on the top of the screen.

This will bring up the agenda for the event, including presentations.

Alternatively, you can walk your avatar through the entrance to a presentation hall to bring up the same agenda screen.

How to find out more about exhibitors

The best way to learn more about exhibitors and what they have to offer is by visiting company booths.

To find a specific company booth, open the floor plan and search the key on the right hand side.

Each booth is also its own private voice chat room, which you are automatically added to by crossing the threshold from the Hall to the booth floor.

The company representatives standing in that booth will also be in the voice chat, so starting a conversation or asking them questions is as easy as in any in-person event.

Exhibitors are able to customize their booth before the event starts, with signage, branding and other aesthetic objects, as well as interactive ones.

Brochure stands offer PDFs for you to browse, and save to your ” goodie bag”, wall mounted screens that play informative or instructive videos, and desktop monitors used to access web pages or online stores.

How to mute your Microphone

When entering certain areas, like exhibition booths, tables or meeting rooms, you will be automatically added to the voice chat for that area.

To Mute your microphone, click the button at the bottom middle of your screen with the microphone icon. If it is muted, the icon will have a line through it.

How to add things to your goodie bag

Your “Goodie Bag” or “Delegate Bag” hold s all the business cards & PDF Brochures you have collected.

To add a person’s business card to your goodie bag, please read the “How to exchange business cards” section.

To add a PDF, first walk up to a brochure stand, and click on the one you want to view.

Once open, click the “save” icon at the bottom middle of the screen to add it to your goodie bag.

It is also possible to save some videos and website pages to the goodie bag.


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